LDAC Legislation Guidelines - New Powers and Entities


  • Dagny Baltakmens, Principal Solicitor, Office of Legal Counsel, Ministry of Justice and member of LDAC
  • Jonathan Orpin-Dowell, Barrister, Stout Street Chambers and member of LDAC

Facilitated by Guy Beatson, Deputy Chair of LDAC and General Manager, Governance Leadership Centre, Institute of Directors New Zealand 


Webinar Content focus: The power to do something may be granted by the common law or may stem from the fact that the doer has the natural powers of a legal person. If not, then it is likely that legislation will be required. In some cases, policy reforms will require the creation of new entities. In others, they may give new powers to existing entities or change the way that entity operates. In regulatory environments, enforcement powers which extend to searches, surveillance of people and/or seizure of property may be required. This webinar will introduce some of the key legislation design concepts to consider when creating new powers or entities and how they help policy advisors work with legal staff to have law deliver on the policy intent.


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